Monday, July 16, 2012

Paint Test! Valspar vs Benjamin Moore

Are You READY!??! For the Main Event!

 In this corner weighting in at 1 quart, eggshell finish, Valspar!!  And in this corner weighting in at 1 quart, eggshell finish, Benjamin Moore!! Who will be the Win? LET’S GET IT ON!

SO I recently had a coat closet built in my townhouse because the house didn’t come with one and the only closet was in the master bedroom on the 3rd floor.  Who wants to walk up there for a jacket?  I needed a White Eggshell finish so I could paint the interior and exterior.  I bought 1 quart of Valspar Signature Paint + Primer.  I felt I only needed a small amount because it’s a small closet.   I know I had written that post  about the awful Valspar spray paint but I really wanted to believe the can paint would be better.  The Valspar was runny.  I didn’t even load the brush with a lot and it still dripped off the brush.  It spread horribly, too thin and way too many applications.  While you’re painstakingly spreading the paint if you happen to lightly touch a place that’s about 60% dry it will come off onto your brush requiring you to have to paint it over again.  I used the whole quart for the smallest closet in the world.  The like ray of hope I remembered I had half a gallon of Benjamin Moore White Eggshell Paint + Primer in my garage.  Benjamin Moore to the rescue!  I painted over all the Valspar with the Benjamin Moore.  It spread great and gave a nice coat to the interior of the closet, the exterior and even the closet door.  I probably used less than 1 quart to redo the mess Valspar left behind.  I now have a great base coat and I am looking forward to going to Benjamin Moore and picking out a great color for the exterior of the closet.  Hmm Maybe something in Dark Blue.

Lesson Learned: DON’T BUY VALSPAR! Unless you feel like wasting your money.  You may think “But I’m here at my hardware store and it’s so convenient.”  You tell yourself No.  Buy Benjamin Moore!  It will make you smile :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Product Photos..More More More!

4"x6" Cherry Blossom Scrap Box

I am always looking for ways to improve my Etsy shop.  Right now it's making everything cohesive.  I made these white washed wood backgrounds for my product photos.  I was inspired by Anthropologie and their wonderful catalog.  I have been trying to convey that my product is a box that folds out flat.  Once I think I have photographed it from every angle I stumble upon a new on my accident.  All I did was set the box down to move my cat, looked through the screen on my camera to reposition the box and saw it laying there with the flap open and into the box.  Well wouldn't you know it was the perfect angle I have been searching for.  I love those moments.  So when you read all of those "Featured Seller" and "Quit You Day Job" posts on Etsy and they say "take lots of product photos" boy they know what they're talking about.

I hope some day in the future Etsy will allow us to upload a video of our products in use, on a model...etc.  Like a commercial for ourselves.   My mom says "no one knows they need it until they have been shown why they need it."  She's such a smart cookie! Pssst Etsy!

So lesson learned......Once you think you've done it all there will always be something new.  I am looking forward to having my cohesive shop all set cause then I get to focus on new products :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Candid Cat

Ranger...My Man
What do you get when you combine a curious cat and a product photo shoot? This super cute picture!
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