Wednesday, June 30, 2010

College Wednesday?

Today is not going to be Crafty Wednesday but instead College Wednesday. I come across some good ideas when I am online working towards my Masters in Museum Studies.

Todays' Tip: How to Look Like you Read the Whole Text

My teachers assign a lot of readings and working a full-time day job and a part-time craft business doesn't leave much time to read everything they give. On our discussion board the teacher will post about 2-4 topics/questions we need to comment on about the reading. the key too looking good is Always Use a Quote. Whether it's a quote in the reading or a tid-bit of text, it will always help you to look good even if you only ready half the chapter.

Give it a try and see you next week :)

Friday, June 25, 2010


So I was walking from Whole Foods to my car with dinner for tonight inside, 2 slices of pepperoni pizza. I saw this glamor puck rock couple and helped them catch their runaway shopping cart. As I walked up ahead of them I heard from behind "I like her hippy-ness." Shocked, I kept walking and didn't look back. Looking at my shadow projected on the parking lot asphalt I started to consider how I looked. My hair is red so in hot VA weather it gets frizzy, my purple v-neck flower shirt, a pair of bootcut jeans that are a little long so the bunch up at the bottom, my flip flops and from my purse is a scarf I had wrapped around the bags handles. Yes, I did look like a Hippy.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sold 2 Boxes!!

Hello Everyone

GREAT NEWS!!! I sold 2 boxes today. The Black and White Flora box and the Tropical orange box. Also what might turn into being a custom order :)

Today was a Good Day,
Thank you for being supportive

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Craft Wednesday

Hello :) Welcome to Crafty Wednesday.

Today is how to make Starch Paste.

I use starch paste when I am making book cloth for my photo boxes. I find it's easy to make and works well. Also would be good for Paper Mache.

This recipe makes about 2.5 cups of paste

1/4 Corn Starch
1/4 Cold Water (I'm talking straight from the fridge)
2 cups Boiling Hot Water

1. Heat up the hot water. I use a teapot on my stove. You can use a small sauce pan, just make sure it holds enough water and will get it to a good bubble.
2. Combine the equal parts Corn Starch and cold water in a tupperware container. Stir until well mixed. It may be a bit stiff. Just stir it enough to get all the lumps out.
3. When the water is at a roaring boil pour 2 cups of it in to your cold starch mix.
4. Continue to stir. You will see a reaction in about 30 seconds maybe less. It should be thick and a hazzy foggy color.
5. Let cool. I am impatient so I wait about 30min - 1hr.
Ready to Use!

This will last for up to 2 days in the fridge.

Quick, Easy and super Cheap

Happy Crafting and See You Next Week :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Indiana Jones

Yesterday was an Indiana Jones marathon on Epix. What is it about those movies that make them so Awesome?! Is it Harrison Ford and his tough guy personality? Is it the 1930's time period they used? The locations they used? The stunts? Most probably all of the above. My favorite has always been The Temple of Doom. The big ritual with the guy taking out peoples hearts but they stay alive....who comes up with this stuff? Do we really having anything today that matches these movies? I guess the Bourne Identity trilogy but that's more action than an adventure movie. These will always be a favorite of mine. Classic

Thursday, June 17, 2010

time to contemplate life

So i'm sitting here at work training the 15th person since march (YIKES). I sit here and contemplate what i'm going to do when i get home. I've been working on a 4th of July themed photo box. It's coming out almost perfect. One of those days where all the angles and cuts just lay into each other easily without any touch-ups. With getting my MA in museum studies, work and etsy, I've created quite a work load for myself. It's fun thought. I always have something to do. Recently I have been watching all the seasons of Arrested Development. Probably one of the best shows ever. It's so funny. It reminds you that everyone has a crazy family and it's not just yours. So when I go home I'm going to be eating dinner, finishing up my box and read for school.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Crafty Wednesday!

Hello :)

Today's Crafty Wednesday comes from How-To Tuesday. Simple instructions for a wonderful Fabric Flower. It can be created as a pin, an embellishment for a garment or a cute hair pin. So grab your favorite fabric and let's get crafty :)

Follow the Link:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Nautical Photo Box

Hi Everyone!
I was inspired by the beach, sun and fun and created a Nautical themed box! Just added last night. Check it out and let me know what you think :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Hi Everyone,
So Oprah is having this contest to vote for a new talk show host for her network. Vote for my sister Katie. She's beautiful, wonderful, smart, great mom, fantastic wife and my ultra cool older sister. She used to make us matching pj's. Plesae vote for Katie Stebbins

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Crafty Wednesday!

Hello Everyone. Today is Crafty Wednesday. Lets get artisitc.

Flower Pens

Ok not my idea but I Love making them.

Floral Tape
Silk Flowers
Wire Cutters

I like to buy the flowers that come in a bunch or bundle. They tent to have smaller stems. Tulips also work great because the leaves are long and you can cover up the stem.

1. With the wire cutters, cut off the flower you want to attach to your pen. You can add more than 1 flower. I find 3 works well without being too much.
2. Place the flower towards the middle of the pen. You can determine how much you want it to stand off the pen but the middle is good because then there is a good amount of support between the flower and the pen.
3. Start wrapping the floral tape around the stem and pen and work your way up to the top. Give the floral tape a little tension because that makes it stick to itself.
4. Once you have reached the top, start wrapping down towards the tip of the pen. This will give the stem of the flower double coverage for extra strength.
5. Once you have wrapped is all the way around, cut off the floral tape and dab a little glue of the end to make the floral tape end stay tight to the pen.

I find this really adds some color to my desk at work and you'll surely get a lot of compliments. It's decorative and handy.

Extra tip: Go to your favorite Home Goods, Target, Wal-mart...etc and pick out a vase or pitcher and place a bouquet of pens in it.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Etsy D List Team

I have recently joined the Etsy D List Team. The Etsy Teams are for promoting, helping, advertising and just a general community of people that help each other out. This one in particular are for the newbies to etsy. (Like me!) We have a large group of great crafters and handmade goods.

To find them:
Go to Etsy and in the search field type, DTeam. This will narrow down the search to find only this group. There are many more teams out there, visit them and help out the handmade world!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crafty Wednesday!

Hello Everyone. Today's Crafty Wednesday tip are for the knitters out there. This is good for new and experienced.

Yarn Stitch Holders

Recently I was working on a very lacey shawl with size 4 needles and super fine yarn. Everyother row required yarn overs. Whenever I lost track and messed up a stitch I was having to pull the whole thing part and start again. I had to find a solution to my problem.....Yarn Stitch holders.

Tapestry needle, size 18
Contrasting colored yarn
-Long enough to go all the way aross your piece and bright enough to see without blending in with your knitting

1. Take the yarn and thread it though the tapestry needle
2. Select a row that will be easy to go back to. Luckly for my shawl everyother row was a purl. I selected one of thoses
3. Take you threaded tapestry needle and run it along your knitting needle through all your stitches (loops)
4. Take the needle off the yarn

This is great when working with an inticate stitch pattern. I usually will have about 2 or 3 of these throughout my piece just incase I make a huge boo-boo.

Happy knitting!

Upload your knitting projects to share with others.
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