Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crafty Wednesday!

Welcome back to another installment of Craft Wednesday :)

Today's craft comes to use from "Handmade Books" by Kathy Blake.

Making a memo pad.

I use memo pads all the time. I use them for "to-do" lists and grocery lists and anything else i need to write on.

A stack of paper (any color. I would recommend a text weight paper)
1 piece 0f cardboard cut the same size as the paper
clamps or clothespins
rubber cement

1. Cut paper to desired size and however many sheets you would like
2. Tamp the stack of paper and the cardboard together, making sure that the side to be glued is flush and even
3. Clamp the stack, with the edge of the cardboard on the bottom, applying clamps on opposite sides, leaving free the side that will be glued
4. Apply rubber cement to the even sides of the stack, rubbing the ends of the brush into the edges of the paper, including the cardboard, to be sure every sheet is glued. Let it dry at least 2 hours, then apply more glue and let it dry overnight. (I have read that this can be done with PVA glue, which is a bookbinders glue)
5. Remove the clamps

Note, before you glue your paper decorate it with stamps to give it a fun theme, just remember to keep the one side free for gluing.

Happy Crafting :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Crafty Wednesday!

Colorful Lace Glass Plates

Our project today comes from “The Big Ass Book of Crafts.” It’s one of my favorite craft books with over 150 super funny things to make.

Clear glass plates, any size
1 yard of nylon athletic fabric or polyester lace to use as a stencil
Krylon Spray Adhesive
Several different colors of spray paint (at least 2 colors), Krylon is suggested for this project because of the deep, rich and bright colors
Krylon Acrylic Crystal Clear

1. Wash plates and dry
2. Cut out a piece of the athletic fabric or lace big enough to cover the back of the plate
3. Place the plate facedown on some newspaper, and secure the fabric to the plate with the Krylon Spray Adhesive
4. Spray your first color over the fabric. Make sure you hit every spot.
5. Give the paint about 5 minutes to dry a bit, and then remove the fabric by carefully peeling it off the back of the plate. You will be left with a relief design of the fabric. The Spray Adhesive takes awhile to dry you will be able to pull it off the plate. In the stencil section of your local craft store there is a repositionable stencil spray adhesive.
6. After the paint dries completely, give it 15-30 minutes, spray it with a second color of paint and let it dry
7. When the second color is dry, coat the back of the plate with the Krylon Acrylic Crystal Clear
8. Spray 2 more coats of the Krylon Acrylic Crystal Clear, letting it dry between coats. See spray can directions for recommended drying time.

Hand wash these plates carefully. I recommend buying plate hangers and display them on your wall.

Happy Crafting :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Christmas in July SALE!!!!!!!!!

Who doesn't like a sale? Well Etsy is having their Christmas in July SALE between July 15-25th.

I am offering Free Shipping and Handling!!!!!!
Type in CIJ to the message to seller and discount will be given via PayPal.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Crafty Wednesday!


While my family was in town my niece Makenzie and I decorated a Blank. It's something we saw at Toys R Us and they're blank animals like a cat or dog and they have ones with a round head or square head. Basically you buy one and can go crazy decorating it with whatever you want. It comes with 3 markers and an extra chunk of molding clay to make an accessory for your blank. The 2 of us decorated it together. She picked out what we were going to do and I applied everything else. Except the eyes and hair. The eyes were painted by Makenzie and she also applied the sparkly hair in front. I strongly suggest you buy one because we had so much fun.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


My sister's family, The Stebbins, are in town visiting. It's so much fun to be Aunt Leslie to my super cute nieces Taylor and Makenzie. I always bring dvds from my place for them to watch. This time it was Pee-Wee's Playhouse set 1 & 2, Powerpuff Girls "Meet the Beat-Alls," Yellow Submarine and my all time favorite Willow with Val Kilmer and Warwick Davis. I forgot how much I loved this movie. Story by George Lucas and directed by Ron Howard which is so 80's. What was it about the kids movies in the 80's that made them so awesome? Well anyway my favorite part is when they sled on the shield and Val Kilmer falls off and turns into a big snowball. Both girls having been asking to watch it which makes me very excited. Tomorrow is the last day of their visit and I will be sad to see them go. They have been visiting more but I am going to make an effort to go visit them in MA. I'm taking 2 classes next semester plus the LeslieGallery business is branching out into more ways to collect your memories into one place. What's your favorite 80's movie?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Crafty Wednesday!

Welcome Back! It's Crafty Wednesday.

Todays Lesson: Handmade (kinda) Wrapping Paper

Paper; this can be brown craft paper, a roll of colored paper, a pad of blank newsprint paper or recycle and use the newspaper from this morning.
Ink pads

My mom and I were walking around Ikea and saw they were selling rolls of solid color paper. We bought a roll of brown and a roll of red. Craft stores usually have stamps for sale. Michael's has a bin of $1 stamps. If it's a Christmas theme pick out some trees, snowflakes, snowmen and of course Santa. I personnally like maing these for all occasions because you can make it personal for the person who's present you're wrapping.

1. Find a large work surface. a table or island in your kitchen works great. Roll out enough paper to cover the work surface.
2. Pick out your stamps and stamp pads
3. Have FUN!!!!!!!! Do a Design, go free flow, have a color pattern. You name it and it can be done.
For extra embellishment use glitter glue, stickers, paint...etc. I prefer stamps because they come in so many great designs.

This project is good for the Etsy sellers out there. Wrap your items in these great papers to make your customers feel that you went the extra mile to make their purchase that more special.

Happy Crafting and see you next week :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5th

Hooray no work today. I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July with food and fireworks galore. July 3rd was my mom's birthday. her, my dad and me went out to a wonderful italian restaurant called Florano's. i made her a lovely photo box with a red flower fabric on the outside and green paper with leaves printed on them for the inside pages. she loved it. i'm also crocheting a hand-towel for their kitchen but haven't finished it yet. My sister and her family are coming into town tomorrow for a visit. i am so excited because they are so much fun. one day we're going to the zoo. the DC Zoo is great. lots of fun animals. i will be staying away from the reptile exhibit. they have snakes and i do not like snakes. Oh my mom just sent me a text saying that both my nieces want to watch Powerpuff Girls and drink out of the Powerpuff Girl cup. The Powerpuff DVD i have is fine but i only have 1 cup. then they will have to learn to share. I love the Powerpuff Girls.
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