Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Product Review: Gloss Pearl Mist Metallic Paint and Primer in 1

I love to peruse the spray paint aisle at my local hardware store.  I found that Rust-Oleum has come out with a line of hammered metal spray paints to give the appearance of metal without it actually being metal.  I found one in particular to be something different than the norm.  It’s the Gloss Pearl Mist Metallic Paint and Primer in 1.  It gives a wonderful sparkle to your project without it looking like you spray glitter all over it.  It’s just the right amount of shine.  Now it says it’s a “Primer” but don’t rely on it like your typical primer.  It doesn’t give you a solid coating instead it’s rather see through.  I suggest applying your favorite primer before using this product.  If you want a thick coat you will need to apply several coats but be careful because the product is runny if you apply too much at one time.  The other downfall I found is it doesn’t sand well.  I made the mistake of getting spray crazy and it started to run and drip.  I let it dry overnight and decided I would sand that down and try again.  That plan did not work.  While it did sand it was sticky and took on a bit of a brown color.  Luckily I stenciling was using a darker color on top in some places and decided that would be one place I would cover up.  It gives a great sparkle….just make sure you primed well.   

Color: A
User Friendly: B  
Would I use it again? Yes
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