Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You know you’re a crafter when……..

  • You know the craft store better than the sales associate

  • You direct other customers to the brads

  • You enter the store with a list of 5 items and leave with 10, just cause you know you would need it later

  • You buy Christmas decorations in July

  • You go to 3 different stores to find the right black spray paint

  • You buy sale items just because their on sale


  1. You buy sale items just because their on sale - because you know you will need them later!

    You are about to throw something away but you look at it one more time thinking what can I turn that into?

  2. You say you are going to go pick something up real quick at the craft store to finish a project and come back 4 hours later with more than the one item.

    Or forgetting the one item cuz you were so busy creating something new and have to go back again.

  3. You have enough supplies to open your own craft store with multiple locations but continue to buy more supplies because you "need" them!

  4. Your husband/partner complains because he is always finding wayward dropped beads, jump rings, etc. in odd locations around the house. And has even found them at his office because they somehow made it into his bag or pants pockets!

  5. So true!

    You can also guess/announce when the next sale is and for what percent. And you can look at a supply and name (at least) 3 stores along with the cost where you could purchase it if more were needed.

  6. Your guests have to move bins of yarn just to find a seat in your house.

  7. HA! I love these. It's so wonderful to be a crafter


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