Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Making the Next Sale

I had recently had the luck of 2 custom orders in a span of 3 weeks.  One was for book cloth and the other was for an 8"x10" box for a birthday party.  I was thrilled!! But afterwards I wondered.........

How to Make the Next Sale!!!

So I started thinking "OK what haven't I done? and what do I need to do?"  

Answer to Question #1, I have never bought an ad outside of Etsy.  I use Craftopolis a lot but I thought the people who go to Craftopolis are other Etsy sellers, not the browsing buyer.  I sent in an ad to run for 1 week for my hand dyed book cloth and linen thread.  I'm hoping Etsy sellers that use those kinds of supplies will be interested to fine my Esy store.  Now I am not hoping for a million sale from this but I am curious to see if it brings me anymore views/visits.

Answer to Question #2, I had don't have any uniformity with my photos.  I created these create wood backgrounds but have only been using them for new products.  The older products are wondering why they'll being left out. (yes I just refer to my products as humans with emotions)  I have monday off from work and I am going to sit a re-photograph all my products that are not with the lovely wood background.  

These are the types of things I read about on Etsy.  I am implementing them and am excited to see if there are any changes in views.  While I am unsure of pros and cons, I think the pros way out number the cons.  

Come join me on this Etsy experience and check back with me in a few weeks to see my results.

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