Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Product Review: Gloss Pearl Mist Metallic Paint and Primer in 1

I love to peruse the spray paint aisle at my local hardware store.  I found that Rust-Oleum has come out with a line of hammered metal spray paints to give the appearance of metal without it actually being metal.  I found one in particular to be something different than the norm.  It’s the Gloss Pearl Mist Metallic Paint and Primer in 1.  It gives a wonderful sparkle to your project without it looking like you spray glitter all over it.  It’s just the right amount of shine.  Now it says it’s a “Primer” but don’t rely on it like your typical primer.  It doesn’t give you a solid coating instead it’s rather see through.  I suggest applying your favorite primer before using this product.  If you want a thick coat you will need to apply several coats but be careful because the product is runny if you apply too much at one time.  The other downfall I found is it doesn’t sand well.  I made the mistake of getting spray crazy and it started to run and drip.  I let it dry overnight and decided I would sand that down and try again.  That plan did not work.  While it did sand it was sticky and took on a bit of a brown color.  Luckily I stenciling was using a darker color on top in some places and decided that would be one place I would cover up.  It gives a great sparkle….just make sure you primed well.   

Color: A
User Friendly: B  
Would I use it again? Yes

1 comment:

  1. I was looking for more info or reviews of this pearl white spray. It's a sweet color but you have to use white primer under whatever your project is to get the full pearl color to pop. Spray 3 to 4 light coats waiting 15 mins between coats for flash time. Metallic paints are not sandable so don't wet sand this one, I had a sag and wet sanded it out and went to blend the area in with more spray and it's not even thick enough to cover translucent runs, it just glossed over the run mark. I have noticed because they say there is a primer in it, I tried spraying white primer directly over it and then the pearl over that and it actually blended it fine.


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