Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Craft Itch

This is the last week of the Spring semester. I have been working hard, but what do you do when your craft gets in the way of school? Crafting is my creative outlet and when I haven't made anything for a while I get "The Itch." Yes....the Craft Itch. You know it. It's when you start looking at the flyers with their 40% off any regularly priced item, or the yarn you love is one sale for $2 a skein, or you have that one thing you bought and haven't tried out yet like a new shaped hole punch.

Crafting is the release of stress but it's a catch 22 when you have final projects and papers. I keep telling myself "on Sunday you can do all the crafting you want," but I need that release to calmed down the end of semester jitters.

The Solution: half hour to 45 minut breaks. What I do it get materials ready for crafting. I am cutting lots of linen thread for my new product line or waxing the already dyed strands. That way when I am ready I will be able to dive right in.

We all have the urge to be creative so make sure you feed the need before you go craft CRAZY!!


  1. Ahh, Leslie! I have this problem too. I sit at work all day daydreaming about what craft I could be working on. If only I could bring my sewing machine to work...

  2. Good luck with the countdown! I just found you blog and look forward to seeing all the crafty goodness you whip up this summer is going to be awesome!


  3. Thank you Dawn Marie! It's going to be an exciting summer.

    Feisty - Don't we all wish we could craft at work. I consider my daydreaming to be productive cause then I get home and dive right in cause I have to scratch the Craft Itch!


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