Saturday, April 30, 2011

Choosing the Right Background for Your Products

My eye is always drawn to Etsy products that not only have great product photos but wonderful backgrounds that accent and help sell the product. I recently saw a posting on the Etsy Success Team's discussion board where someone said something along the lines of "stop wishing you photos look like every else's and start becoming one." I love my photo boxes but i felt like something was missing, a great background. Yes white fabric is a good go-to but I am at the point where I want to branch out. I have found some advice that I hope will help you:

1. Look through your favorite catalogs and take note at how they display their products. I love Anthropology! They have not only the best clothes but the best photos. They use really natural and fun backgrounds.

2. Experiment! Shop your favorite Home Depot. They have a great selection of tiles, wood, flooring pieces...etc. I recently bought 2 pieces of 2'x2' Plywood boards. I look for unbelievable grain.

Right now I am in the process of sanding them down to make it super smooth. I am going to do a light white wash on one side and keep it natural on the other. That way I get 2 backgrounds!

I am looking forward to my new backgrounds. Stay turned to LeslieGallery and see these backgrounds in action. And if they don't work out I'll let you know and keep you informed of the next solution.

With Challenges comes Triumphs!

Happy Crafting :)

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