Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Crafty App Review: Michaels "Where Creativity Happens"

Like any true crafter I make sure I go to my craft stores with coupons in hand.  I happily/unfortunately live about 2 miles from a Michael's so the temptation is always there.  I love that store.  The paper, the smells, the sparkly things, the new craft tools you never knew existed.

I had a craft mission that day.  I planned my route, had my list and was printing out the latest Michael's coupon.  Who doesn't love their 40% Off Any Regular Priced Item?!  Anyway, once again like any good crafter I also reuse when I can.  If I print out a pattern and it doesn't work out then I use the back side to print on again.  Having worked in retail I knew if any lines got in the way of the bar code you're SOL.  I frantically though "What do I do?" this was not part of the plan for that day.  Then like a light bulb above my head I remembered Michael's has an App for smart phones.  I grabbed my phone, went to the App store,  searched for Michael's and like that the FREE (Yes FREE!) Michael's App showed up.  I quickly downloaded it and was thrilled to have not only my 40% off coupon but every other coupon and the deals for the week.  I knew I was ready to shop with my smart phone and my smart brain.

I recommend any crafter and frequent Michael's shopper to download this App and have it ready at all times.  As I mentioned you get all the coupons for the week and their weekly deals, which by the way sows more than the fliers do.  You can also find other Michael's locations, make your crafty shopping list which will go great with the Projects feature they have as well.  Good thinkin Michael's!  The other part I love is the Products section.  You're able to navigate by category or search bar.  Each category tells you if there are new items and how many new items.  Once you have found your product, tap on it to get reviews, images and details.  Plus you are able to add it to your list so you're prepared when you just happen to find a Michael's location cause you typed it into the location finder because you saw that there are new Martha Stewart products AND it just so happens it's Buy One Get One Half Off on all Martha Stewart crafts.  Hey that sounds like a good time...mind if I join :)

So to all those crafty geeks and nerds or the techno-savvy or just anyone download the Michael's App and have a great time!

Happy Craftin :)

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