Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Crafty Wednesday!

Colorful Lace Glass Plates

Our project today comes from “The Big Ass Book of Crafts.” It’s one of my favorite craft books with over 150 super funny things to make.

Clear glass plates, any size
1 yard of nylon athletic fabric or polyester lace to use as a stencil
Krylon Spray Adhesive
Several different colors of spray paint (at least 2 colors), Krylon is suggested for this project because of the deep, rich and bright colors
Krylon Acrylic Crystal Clear

1. Wash plates and dry
2. Cut out a piece of the athletic fabric or lace big enough to cover the back of the plate
3. Place the plate facedown on some newspaper, and secure the fabric to the plate with the Krylon Spray Adhesive
4. Spray your first color over the fabric. Make sure you hit every spot.
5. Give the paint about 5 minutes to dry a bit, and then remove the fabric by carefully peeling it off the back of the plate. You will be left with a relief design of the fabric. The Spray Adhesive takes awhile to dry you will be able to pull it off the plate. In the stencil section of your local craft store there is a repositionable stencil spray adhesive.
6. After the paint dries completely, give it 15-30 minutes, spray it with a second color of paint and let it dry
7. When the second color is dry, coat the back of the plate with the Krylon Acrylic Crystal Clear
8. Spray 2 more coats of the Krylon Acrylic Crystal Clear, letting it dry between coats. See spray can directions for recommended drying time.

Hand wash these plates carefully. I recommend buying plate hangers and display them on your wall.

Happy Crafting :)

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  1. I have this book and I love it! I'll have to look through it tonight and find a new project.


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