Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Crafty Wednesday!

Welcome Back! It's Crafty Wednesday.

Todays Lesson: Handmade (kinda) Wrapping Paper

Paper; this can be brown craft paper, a roll of colored paper, a pad of blank newsprint paper or recycle and use the newspaper from this morning.
Ink pads

My mom and I were walking around Ikea and saw they were selling rolls of solid color paper. We bought a roll of brown and a roll of red. Craft stores usually have stamps for sale. Michael's has a bin of $1 stamps. If it's a Christmas theme pick out some trees, snowflakes, snowmen and of course Santa. I personnally like maing these for all occasions because you can make it personal for the person who's present you're wrapping.

1. Find a large work surface. a table or island in your kitchen works great. Roll out enough paper to cover the work surface.
2. Pick out your stamps and stamp pads
3. Have FUN!!!!!!!! Do a Design, go free flow, have a color pattern. You name it and it can be done.
For extra embellishment use glitter glue, stickers, paint...etc. I prefer stamps because they come in so many great designs.

This project is good for the Etsy sellers out there. Wrap your items in these great papers to make your customers feel that you went the extra mile to make their purchase that more special.

Happy Crafting and see you next week :)

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