Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crafty Wednesday!

Welcome back to another installment of Craft Wednesday :)

Today's craft comes to use from "Handmade Books" by Kathy Blake.

Making a memo pad.

I use memo pads all the time. I use them for "to-do" lists and grocery lists and anything else i need to write on.

A stack of paper (any color. I would recommend a text weight paper)
1 piece 0f cardboard cut the same size as the paper
clamps or clothespins
rubber cement

1. Cut paper to desired size and however many sheets you would like
2. Tamp the stack of paper and the cardboard together, making sure that the side to be glued is flush and even
3. Clamp the stack, with the edge of the cardboard on the bottom, applying clamps on opposite sides, leaving free the side that will be glued
4. Apply rubber cement to the even sides of the stack, rubbing the ends of the brush into the edges of the paper, including the cardboard, to be sure every sheet is glued. Let it dry at least 2 hours, then apply more glue and let it dry overnight. (I have read that this can be done with PVA glue, which is a bookbinders glue)
5. Remove the clamps

Note, before you glue your paper decorate it with stamps to give it a fun theme, just remember to keep the one side free for gluing.

Happy Crafting :)

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