Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crafty Wednesday!

Hello Everyone. Today's Crafty Wednesday tip are for the knitters out there. This is good for new and experienced.

Yarn Stitch Holders

Recently I was working on a very lacey shawl with size 4 needles and super fine yarn. Everyother row required yarn overs. Whenever I lost track and messed up a stitch I was having to pull the whole thing part and start again. I had to find a solution to my problem.....Yarn Stitch holders.

Tapestry needle, size 18
Contrasting colored yarn
-Long enough to go all the way aross your piece and bright enough to see without blending in with your knitting

1. Take the yarn and thread it though the tapestry needle
2. Select a row that will be easy to go back to. Luckly for my shawl everyother row was a purl. I selected one of thoses
3. Take you threaded tapestry needle and run it along your knitting needle through all your stitches (loops)
4. Take the needle off the yarn

This is great when working with an inticate stitch pattern. I usually will have about 2 or 3 of these throughout my piece just incase I make a huge boo-boo.

Happy knitting!

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