Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Crafty Wednesday!

Hello Everyone. Today is Crafty Wednesday. Lets get artisitc.

Flower Pens

Ok not my idea but I Love making them.

Floral Tape
Silk Flowers
Wire Cutters

I like to buy the flowers that come in a bunch or bundle. They tent to have smaller stems. Tulips also work great because the leaves are long and you can cover up the stem.

1. With the wire cutters, cut off the flower you want to attach to your pen. You can add more than 1 flower. I find 3 works well without being too much.
2. Place the flower towards the middle of the pen. You can determine how much you want it to stand off the pen but the middle is good because then there is a good amount of support between the flower and the pen.
3. Start wrapping the floral tape around the stem and pen and work your way up to the top. Give the floral tape a little tension because that makes it stick to itself.
4. Once you have reached the top, start wrapping down towards the tip of the pen. This will give the stem of the flower double coverage for extra strength.
5. Once you have wrapped is all the way around, cut off the floral tape and dab a little glue of the end to make the floral tape end stay tight to the pen.

I find this really adds some color to my desk at work and you'll surely get a lot of compliments. It's decorative and handy.

Extra tip: Go to your favorite Home Goods, Target, Wal-mart...etc and pick out a vase or pitcher and place a bouquet of pens in it.

1 comment:

  1. What a gorgeous idea! I would never have thought of having a bouquet of pens! :)


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