Monday, September 6, 2010

Google Analytics Experiment: Log 2

It has been 3 whole weeks and the winners so far are: tied for first is Tuesday and Friday and Sunday is in close second. I would have never thought tuesday or sunday would be good days. Since the school year has started I haven't had much time to make the quantity I usually do but I do have 3 boxes being posted soon. (keep an eye out for Geisha Girl Photo Box) All the days have different number of views. Some days I have 10 views and others I have 1. I really see a spike when I comment on Etsy Treasuries and Storque Blogs such as the Featured Sellers and How-Tuesdays. Since my business is still super small I am excited with each new discovery. I am taking online classes and one thing you do at the beginning of each new class is introduce yourself and let the teacher and classmates know a bit about who you area. Each time I always have new traffic to my business which is always good to see.

The goal is to get up between 10 to 15 boxes and then see about making photo albums. The google experiment will continue and I'll keep you posted on the results and if anything changes.

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