Monday, September 13, 2010

National Capital Cat Show

This weekend I went to the National Capital Cat Show. Both my mom and I are cat owners and lovers so we enjoy going to see such perfect feline specimens. Plus it always makes me feel better because these people are really obsessed with their cats. This year persians and burmese stole the show. I like the persians puffy fur and the squishy face although I have come to find not everyone likes those faces. There was a small black persian kitty that let me pet it and I oh so wanted to take it home. It also had some very high prized ribbons on it's cage so it was probably well loved by someone although you wouldn't know it cause no one was sitting with it. Part of the fun is walking up and down the aisles of the cats and their owners set ups. They go all out! Bg colorful and exotic print fabrics with matching beds but a lot of cat were sleeping in the litter box instead of the cushy bed. Some cat curled up with each other for a nap. One cat was digging under it's bed and mat an was knocking its water every where. Just shows you, know matter how much you train them they still have a mind of it's own. It makes me want to get another cat. With a full-time job, craft business and school my Fiona might need a friend. I could have easily walked away from several cats. If you love cats I recommend going to a cat show. The Judges are great, they are funny and know a lot (ok well i guess duh! they are the judges) and you see a whole bunch of great cats and crazy owners.

P.S. there is an obstacle course. There is no real point to it. Cats are uninterested in running it but they like to hide and jump out at the toy the owner is holding out to entice them to run the course.

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