Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summertime Craft: Make Your Own Pinwheel

It is lovely and beautiful outside so why not make a fun toy to play with….Pinwheels! They are so easy that you’ll be making them for your friends in no time.

6" x 6" Paper. If you only have rectangular paper you can make it a square by folding diagonally so you have 3 straight sides, and cutoff the extra paper hanging off. Use any paper you want, decorative and stiff will be better but plain printer paper works well too.


2 Pencils with Erasers, one to mark with and the other for the Pinwheel stem

1 straight pin, pick one with a decent size head on it so it doesn’t slip through the paper

Small bit of tape


1. Take your Square piece of paper and draw straight diagonal lines from corner to corner.

2. Using your scissors cut along the lines you drew leaving about ½ inch to ¾ inch intact before you reach the center.

3. Bring in each corner to the center of your paper over lapping the points.

4. Push your straight pin through the points and through the backside of your paper.

5. Take your 2nd pencil holding it vertical, push the straight pin through the center of the eraser. Bend the pin downwards to secure it to the pencil.

6. Place your small piece of tape over the sharp part of the pin so you don’t prick yourself while having fun. Plus it will also keep the pin steady.

Tah Dah!!! Finished Pinwheel

Decorate your pinwheel by using a light amount of spray on glitter, attach ribbon to the pencil to make streamers, or before using your 2nd pencil glue a fun decorative paper around it.

Gift Idea!

Make smaller pinwheels, attach them to the pencil and give them out as fun summertime gifts.

I hope you had fun making and using these.

Tune in Next Time for Another Fun Craft :)

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