Friday, June 1, 2012

The Night Of Bias Tape

Tonight I decided to learn how to make double folded bias tape.  I have never made a single fold tape let alone double fold bias tape.  My most recent project requires some bias tape around the edge but the largest size my local fabric store had was only 7/8" wide double folded.  My project is about 4 layers thick and that size bias just wasn't cutting it.  I consulted my mommy craft guru and she suggested I make my own.  So I went to the craft store (it's closer to my house than the fabric store and didn't want to drive during rush hour) to buy a new rotary blade and 2 of those plexi-glass see through rulers. Learning something new is a great excuse to buy new fun craft toys.  I grabbed some scrap fabric from my closet, grabbed my self healing mat and got to work.  Of course I needed my thinking T.V. show, Top Gear on BBC America.  I don't know what it is about that show but I always have it on in the background.  Those 3 guys crack me up!  It could also be because it is on all the time. my supplies, got my guys and started looking on the internet for help.  First I tried a continuous bias tape, ok too advanced for a beginner.  I found a lot of videos on cutting bias tape but not a lot on making bias tape WITHOUT a bias tape maker.  That little metal foldy thingy.  I wanted old school crafting ingenuity.  Pins, Iron, Scissors and nimble hands.  After about 5 million websites, blog posts and videos I put all my knowledge together and pieced it together and I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.  I need to use larger fabric but I was able to achieve the size I wanted...1 1/4 inch wide when finished (picture above).  I haven't sewn with it yet but I am already feeling hopeful.  The best advice I can give is keep your pieces the same width and patience.  One of the reasons I watch Top Gear is because they make me laugh which helps keep the stress to a minimum, especially when they do funny challenges.  But please if you have any suggestions, advice or helpful tips people gave you please share!  As for my night of bias tape I look forward to the variety of fabric I can now choose.

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