Friday, April 8, 2011

The Art of Multi-Tasking

As I become more excited about LeslieGallery I have to figure out how do work school in to the schedule. Hooray for Multi-Tasking!

  • Everything that needs to be dyed has to sit in a dye bath or at least an hour. I have found this to be an excellent time for reading.

  • During online guest speakers and recorded lectures is when I paste the paper backing to the fabric to make the book cloth

  • Thursday is my TV night. 8pm Big Bang Theory and then from there the NBC comedies such as The Office, Parks and Rec and my fav 30 Rock. Ironing, folding, stitching and anything to prepare fabric to be dyed is when this is the best period of the week.

Yes School should be the main focus but it's nice to have my hand doing something while I read how the Smithosian is making their museum for user friendly.

Happy Crafting :)


  1. Heehee, I like that you include awesome TV shows in your crafting schedule! My schedule seems to revolve around Conan these days.


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