Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunshine Cleaning

I watched the movie Sunshine Cleaning last night. I thought it was a wonderful movie. As an Etsy seller the message of life offering opportunities at every corner hits home. Amy Adams character is completely relateable to the female population, even if you're not her completely you at least have experienced something she is going through. Bad dating/sex choices, single mom, a school who doesn't understand your kid, odd dad, odd sister......etc. But out of this she finds a job she loves. This story has been told a number of times in many movies but Sunshine Cleaning is refreshing and up-to-date with modern times. Part of me wished for a super girly ending with Winston but it ends the way it should, Amy Adams finding herself. Too all the DIY-er's keep doing what you love <3 Happy Crafting!


  1. I love that movie! Some of the places they had to clean were disgusting, but I loved the story and how she found herself unexpectedly.

  2. i really wanted to know that her an winston ended up together but i think that would change the heart of the movie.


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