Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An Ode to ALIAS

Oh ALIAS how I miss your butt kicking adventurous story lines. Whenever Sydney was in trouble there was always a fire extinguisher near by to hit someone over the head with. Whenever there was a plan Jack Bristow was always five steps ahead of everyone. You could always rely on Vaughn being there to catch you and kill the person next to you. And Marshall with his wonderful "My Keys..Where are they poem" and his drum proposal which ended up being a mix of weird and rockin.

Sloan the evil bad guy who waffled between being nice and being creepy. Sydney's mom the former KGB agent and her greedy ways.

And all of them out for one mission to save the world from Milo Rambaldi.

Even though the story line halfway through season 4 became odd with tales of vampires and other non-alias type stuff you tried to bring it all back in the fifth season only to be canceled halfway through.

As I dye my fabric and make my book cloth I still have you on DVD to remind myself that girls kick butt and look good doing it too.

So to you the ALIAS fans of the world, don't wake up in Hong Kong after two years with no memory.

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