Thursday, April 14, 2011

Craft Project! Potato Printing

Hello Crafters
It's been awhile since I posted a craft project but what a great way to get back into the game then with a fun home spud project.

Potatoes are good to eat and fun to craft with so grab a spud and lets get Craftin!

Potato: Buy one that’s a good size for your shape because you will be cutting them in half.
Knife: Kitchen knife works best but you can use any professional stamp cutting tools or an xacto knife
Pencil or Marker Pen
Paint: Acrylic craft paint works well
Paper: For final project and scrap paper for testing

Lets Go:
1. Cut your potato in half
2. Draw your shape onto the flat part of the potato. Keep your design simple. I suggest stars, flowers or presents like the picture above.
3. Cut around the design leaving your shape raised. If you would like to leave a negative image cut your design out of the middle leaving the surrounding surface raised.
4. Squeeze some paint onto a saucer or paper plate. I find that these projects are great if you have extra plates from parties.
5. Stamp excess paint onto a scrap piece of paper. Too much paint will make the potato slide on your selected paper.
6. You can do several stamps before you need more paint. Wash off paint before changing colors or don’t! and see fun colors peek out from each other.
7. Set paper to dry completely before continuing with any additional decoration.

1. You can use cookie cutters to create your shape
2. For intricate designs leave the cutter in the potato and use the knife to trim around it
3. Serrated knives leave a fun jagged texture
4. Skewers can poke small holes for dots and eyes for smiley face
5. Don’t let the potato dry out because your shape will become distorted

Happy Craftin! See you next time ☺

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