Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Crafty Project: Mercury Rising Glass Awesomeness

How many times do you go Target, Homes Goods or any other store selling cool decorative vases and glass vessels and think “How cool is that?!” Well now become a master at recreating those one-of-a-kind items. This one is Super Easy, Super Quick and Super Decorative. Your friends will be asking in no time “Where did you get that?” This craft comes to you courtesy of DIY Magazine Spring 2012.


Clear Glass Vessel. You can find one at any craft store or other retail location selling such items.

Spray/Spritz bottle

Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint. This may need to be ordered but Krylon also makes Metallic Sprays and try one of those for fun!

Get Your Craft On!

1. Clean your glass vessel

2. Spritz the inside of your vessel with water. It should bead up and run out of the vessel but not a waterfall full.

3. While the water is wet spray the inside of the vessel with the Looking Glass or Metallic spray paint. Spray 1 coat and let dry before applying another coat of spray paint.

4. Once vessel is dry you are Finished! Place it where it will Sparkle in the sunlight and Enjoy.

I do not recommend filling this with water and using it as a vase since the paint will start to come off. You can spray the inside with a protective coating but in the long run I urge you against it. If you want to use it as a vase place a small container inside that will hold water without damaging your lovely piece.

Happy Craftin! And See You Next Time

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