Monday, June 11, 2012

Product Review: Blue Hawk Plastic Anchors

I like to think of myself as a pretty handy girl when it comes to tools but there is one thing I have struggled with for awhile and that's using wall anchors.  Whether it's to hang curtains, mirrors, shelves you name it I usually have to ask for help.  One of the problems is where I live, Washington DC.  Some people may not know this but DC was built on top of a swamp so it gets really muggy, hot and humid which is drywalls worst nightmare.  I love to decorate with curtains.  I find them to be better than blinds and more pleasing to the eye.  You know the weather has turned damp because one day you get home and find half of your curtain rod is laying on the floor and your pets are hiding because it freaked them out.  The solution for this problem is to get some wall anchors to give extra grip and strength to your screws and curtain brackets.  My biggest problem when it came to wall anchors is finding the right size drill bit.  I either choose too small or too big.  I looked online for some help and only got "find the right drill bit for your screws." OK so how do I determine which is the right size?  Blue Hawk to the recuse!!  The have come up with the best solution to my problem....they package drill bits with the anchors...Hooray.  Now I have the right size every time.  The set I bought comes with 2 different size screws, anchors and drill bits. Now anytime I need more I can buy the exact same size screws and anchors without guessing the drill bit.  I just moved into my first home and of course wanted to hang curtains. I made my markings, drill the hole and inserted the corresponding wall anchor.  It fit! And it was so easy.  Now I have curtains all over my house and I don't worry about them falling out anymore.  Plus drill bits are one of those things that I believe you can never have enough of.  I fully recommend looking for Blue Hawk the next time you are in need of wall anchors.  You won't be disappointed. I know I'm not.

Happy Craftin!

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